Do you know what I just realized?  That I never posted final photos of my Reversible Smocked Hat that I wrote about here back in November.  I was scrolling through some photos of knitting projects I had on my computer, and found these.  How could I have forgotten?

Anyway, here are some notes on the final product:

This yarn is beautiful: soft and with a stunning combination of purple shades. However, it sheds a TON when being knitting up. I looked down at my lap after knitting for a while, and I was covered with little alpaca hairs. It also may not be the best yarn for showing off the beautiful pattern of this hat, but that just means I’ll have to make another one with a different yarn!

I really love this beautiful pattern, but after everything is done, here are a few things I would do differently if I made another one:

  1. Make the larger size - The pattern comes with instructions for two sizes, but since the hat looked pretty slouchy on the designer in the photos, I went with the smaller one. Maybe it’s because of the yarn I used (which doesn’t have much stretch), but combined with the major slouchiness hanging in the back, it feels like it wants to fall backward off my head a little bit. Normally anyone would say that this means it’s too big, but in this case, it seems that it’s because pulling the hat down any farther on my head makes it way too snug so it naturally settles a little farther back on my head. Weird explanation, but the main point is next time=bigger size. (I also have a big head, so…)
  2. Do NOT use a multi-ply yarn - I love this yarn. It’s super soft and made with wool and alpaca, but the hair-like plies can make it very annoying at times. I liked the yarn too much to get too upset over it, but I’ve finally admitted to myself that this probably wasn’t the best yarn for this hat. The halo effect of the alpaca doesn’t show off the smocked pattern as well, either.
  3. Skip one - maybe two - of the smock repeats - The hat is meant to be slouchy, but I think it’s almost too slouchy. The pom-pom works well to weigh the back down so it’s not sticking up while being worn, but I’d prefer it to be closer to a slight slouch.

I love the look of this pattern, so I’ll probably make another one, but this combo of super slouch, smocks, and yarn may not have been the best. Siiiigh.

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